J.C. Tokes is a voice-forward, six-string-guitar-playing songwriter and performer from Appalachian North Carolina. Playing original and cover songs well in the Retro-Americana genre, the music spans old-school country and rockabilly, blues/soul, appalachian/folk, and old fashioned rock-n-roll. Tokes plays solo, as a one-man-band (guitar, kick drums, vocals), duos, with the J.C. Tokes Family Band, and other side Projects such as Mitch McConnell and the Senators and the Bag-O-Tricks Duo. When Tokes isn't playing the Asheville NC area, he is on tour.

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J.C. Tokes pulls from hours of original material to sprinkle throughout his solo and full band performances. These songs tell fantastic stories and offer a glimpse into the life of Tokes. The quest for musical creation never ceases.

Tokes Family Band

J.C. Tokes Family Band: A group of talented musicians who accompany J.C. Tokes on stage, adding depth and energy to his performances. The core family band members are J.C., Chris (bass and vocals), and Jason (percussion and backup vocals).

Bag-O-Tricks Duo

On occasion, J.C. meets up with the infamous one-woman-band, Laura Thurston ("dot-com"), to play tunes, travel, and explore. While these shows are a rarity these days, keep an eye out... you won't want to miss this nugget of fun.

J.C. shares this side project with Banjo Mitch. Being an Old-Time musician, Mitch has decided to collaborate with musicians outside the Old-Time circles to create a unique blend of folk and rock music. Asheville's favorite not-quite-bluegrass rockin-Banjo dance band.

Mitch McConnell & the Senators