Reigning from the lush mountains of Western North Carolina’s Madison County where moonshine stills and ramshackle cabins abound. From this land of misfits and outlaws comes...

j.c. Tokes
One-man-band playing Retro-Country/Americana originals

Channeling early country sounds from the likes of Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, Hank Williams Sr... vocals dashed with a little Louis Armstrong and Tom Waits... songs with some funny and some sad, some sweet and some raunch. Most of all, it's an accessible performance, tailored to the audience.
Sometimes it's just background for people in the throws of conversation, often times it becomes interactive, engaging the audience, leading to chuckles and toe-tapping... even dancing. Being a one-man-band, j.c. Tokes offers the full-band sound (careful to avoid the overpowering volume). A solo artist that doesn't quite fit into the world of solo musicians.

Sample Tracks:

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Need just an opener for another act, sounds great. Need a 4 (or more) hour slot filled, sounds great. Looking for one more act to fill out a show at your bar, sounds great. Flexible musician, anxious to play.